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Hello and thank you for taking an interest in my work! I am a self taught Manchester based artist who specialises in Portraiture. I am continually developing my skills in hand drawn art.

My strengths are creating realistic hand drawn portraits and using watercolours. Throughout my life I have always had a love for drawing but I really enjoy drawing faces most of all. As I have a Bachelors Degree in Animation from the Manchester School of Art, I then also create 2D hand drawn and computer animation, along with creating character designs.

As traditional drawing is my strength, I am also very passionate about traditional, hand drawn animation.

With the time I spent at university, I have gained skills in storyboarding, editing and gained knowledge of using 2D and 3D software, such as ToonBoom Harmony, Adobe Maya and Nukex9, along with using the editing software Adobe Premiere. 

Volunteering at the Manimation Festival in Manchester, 2015.

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